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Nathan Tanner Porter
Eliza Ford Porter
Families of Nathan Tanner Porter:

by Eliza Ford:
Eliza Ann Porter, b: 27 Nov 1860, Centerville, UT; d: 21 May 1863, Centerville, UT; not married (child).
Emily Caroline Porter, b: 5 Oct 1862, Centerville, UT; d: 9 May 1960; md: Hyrum Bratton Parrish, 1 child.
Nathan Tanner Porter, b: 2 Oct 1865, Centerville, UT; d: 23 Oct 1953; md: Anna Adams, 7 Children.
Nancy Rebecca Porter, 14 Jan 1868, Centerville, UT; d: 6 Sep 1869; not md (Child).
Esther Malinda Porter, b: 26 Nov 1868, Centerville, UT; d: 10 Sep 1954, Centerville, UT; md: James Carlos Smith, Charles Henry Smith, 1 Child.
Mary Emma Porter, b: 14 Feb 1872, Centerville , UT; d: 2 Mar 1959, Centerville, UT; md: Frederick William Walton, 11 Children.
John Ford Porter, b: 4 Jan 1874, Centerville UT, d: 13 Aug 1951, SLC, UT; md: Emily Hannah Wright, Mary (Smith) Steed, 6 Children.
Effie May Porter, b; 5 Feb 1876, Centerville, UT; d:19 Jan 1963; md: David Felshaw Smith, 7 Children.
Zina Areta Porter, b: 3 Jun 1878, Centerville, UT; d:13 Jul 1906; 
Jessee Josiah Porter, b; 27 Jul 1880, Centerville, UT; d: 13 Apr 1975; md: Frances Irene Rampton, Lorraine (Montague) Rich.
Amelia Ford Porter, b: 25 Jan 1883, Centerville, UT; d: 8 Mar 1973, Centerville, UT; md: Franklin Edward Walton,  4 children.

Eliza Ford Porter with Millie (Amelia Ford), Effie May, and Areta (Zina Areta)
Sitting on the porch of Eliza's home at 370 W. 400 South (See photo Album)!
Photo Album of the Children of Nathan T. and Eliza Ford Porter
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